General Messaging for our Partners

.WHOSWHO - "First in the field" meet "last word in branding"

From the outset, .whoswho's stated objective has been to raise the level of intelligent discourse and knowledge online, and this remains our mission. In September 2016, .whoswho opened the registry on a self-identification basis so that all - including virtuosos, members of the intelligentsia, the highly-accomplished, leaders of men, and leaders of thought - at last have an appropriate locale from which to present and shape their identities online.

Is a .WhosWho Web Address right for you?

.WhosWho is a paean to those who immerse themselves in the mastery of arcane subject matter, often at a distance from the limelight, but always at the nexus of exploration, interpretation and discovery. A .WhosWho web address is the place to publish research findings, placing them before the next generation of searchers and discoverers (i.e., teenagers like Jack Andraka, whose theory for an early-stage test for pancreatic cancer had its roots in Google search results). Artists wishing to build catalogues raisonné as their careers progress, creating unique repositories curated by the artists themselves. Those whose lives have entailed dealings with high and mighty might create autobiographical histories that will enlighten historians of the future. Companies and brands may wish to chronicle their own histories and, of course, there are the members of the "chattering class," having turned to the infinite online world to offer their output just as print media has been decimated in the 21st century.

.WhosWho - repetition is reputation

In a go-along-to-get-along world, those who seek the highest have always been a breed apart. On an exceptional basis, they become household names like Fulton, Curie, Edison, Einstein, and Pavarotti. But the incremental breakthroughs of so many more are often chronicled only through editions of Who’s Who publications through the ages. From those who have been recognized with citations in Who’s Who reference publication, inducted into Halls of Fame by their peers, been acknowledged by the presentation of international and other significant awards and prizes, to others who share in .whoswho's ambition to raise the level of intelligent discourse and knowledge online, and are welcome as part of our niche registry initiative.