.WhosWho is an open registry. Accordingly, any available domain name can be acquired as a Standard domain registration at Standard pricing for both the initial registration and annual renewals. (Naturally, the availability of any .whoswho domain name is subject to prior registration and those names that are included on Reserve/Block lists.)

Some domain names will be allocated to Pricing Tiers, and those domains may be registered and renewed at pricing corresponding to that Tier, which is made available to qualifying Registrant-Applicants.

Who's Who Registry is positioning itself as a "meta-registry" and is looking to attract collaboration with reputable providers of public data wishing to make their information freely but more widely available to the public online.

We invite such potentail partners to contact us.

Below, on this page, each of the following terms is hypertext linked to the specific Registry Policy it describes. Alternatively, all policies may be found on the page that drops down when the Registry Policies selection is chosen from the dropdown reached from the Registrars tab on the top menu bar.

.WhosWho Privacy Policy

.WhosWho Terms of Acceptable Use

.WhosWho Acceptable Use Overview

.WhosWho Prohibited Actions

Who's Who Registry is supporting IDNs only the second (domain) level in addition to English/ASCII including the Chinese (both traditional and simplified characters), French, German, Japanese Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian languages.