Through its new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) .whoswho, Who's Who Registry currently offers not only domain names in English/ASCII and ten (10) other languages, but also 24x7x365 resolution for all .second-level domains in the .whoswho namespace, a fundamental and ongoing telecommunications service commitment that is implicit in the registration of any domain name in a TLD namespace.

Across the globe, users of the internet's Domain Name System (DNS) rely upon the ultra-fast resolution the DNS is able to deliver to route users inputting alpha-numeric domain names to the numeric IP addresses where each domain can be accessed. As part of the Who's Who Global Network® initiative, .whoswho is committed to expanding the scope of new telecommunications service offerings with special attention to leveraging the DNS.

In addition to English/ASCII, .whoswho now offers registrations in Chinese (both simplified and traditional variants), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. Additional internationalized domain name (IDN) offerings are planned.

.WhosWho Sunrise Registration

Who’s Who Registry was pleased to have completed a successful 30-day “Sunrise” registration period at the time of its launch. During "Sunrise," those trademark holders that had previously obtained credentials from the Trademark Clearinghouse were permitted early access to submit applications for the domain name equivalents of their trade and service marks.

By ICANN mandate, Sunrise functions as a rights-protection mechanism allowing owners of Intellectual Property to register their marks prior to all other parties.