.WhosWho Registry offers domains for registration through our Accredited Registrars as both Standard registrations and also through a tiered pricing model. Most registrants seeking to register .whoswho domains will find them offered at Standard pricing and that renewals of Standard registrations are at the same Standard rate as the initial registration (subject to price changes consistent with ICANN mandates).

Registrations of domain names that are allocated to any particular tier will find that they likewise available through our Accredited Registrars and renew at the same rate as the initial domain registration in that tier (again, subject to price changes pursuant to ICANN mandates).

Can I sell or otherwise transfer my .WhosWho domain?

Yes, the holder (often referred to as "owner") of a .WhosWho domain is referred to as the Registrant. Under current registry policy, Registrants can sell/transfer their registered domain(s), and the domain continues to renewal as per the terms in force at the time of registration even if it is subsequently resold/transferred, as long as the chain of registration remains unbroken.

Standard Pricing

.WhosWho is an open registry, and Standard pricing is designed to allow corporations and individuals to secure a .whoswho domain name of their choosing at Standard pricing for both initial registrations and renewals.

Pricing in Tiers

.WhosWho believes that acting in the public interest is a de minimus requirement for any contracted party who purports to stand as a pillar of the internet's established consensus governance rubric. Who's Who Registry welcomes discussion with prospective partners of similar mindset who have data sets that are relevant to the .WhosWho mission of identifying "who is who" on the internet, and making such information widely and freely available to the public.

Registrar Pricing

Confused as to why there are no "dollars-and-cents" prices on this page? That's because .WhosWho doesn't control the prices at which our Accredited Registrars sell .whoswho domain names to their Registrant-customers. Instead, they each independently establish their own pricing for domains working from our Registrars' Price List, accessible to them internally via extensible provisioning protocol (EPP).