Yes, but just about anyone seeking to register a .WhosWho domain name based on their own names or most dictionary words will likely find it available at the "Standard" (lowest) rate. In addition, renewals for both "Standard" and "Premium" registrations are priced at the "Standard" rate ... none are higher. (Naturally, availability of any .WhosWho domain name is subject to prior registration.)

The type of names one would expect to find available at "Standard" rates include those that incorporate full names or names combined with initials, or a generic word or words, such as:

  • FirstMiddleLast.WhosWho
  • FirstMLast.WhosWho.WhosWho
  • FirstLast.WhosWho
  • FMLast.WhosWho
  • LastFM.WhosWho
  • FirstMiddleL.WhosWho
  • UpcomingElections.WhosWho
  • BestResortChefs.WhosWho
  • OntarioTeachers.WhosWho
et cetera.

Those looking for a domain with a much wider demand, or one with investment potential, may find them available at premium rates. Premium domains will include popular family/last names (Smith.WhosWho), perhaps for a genealogy site; a stand-alone given/first name (CHER.WHOSWHO) for professional branding; or even a “monogram domain” comprised of just 4 initials or less ( for those who prefer something short, discreet and yet bespoke.

This means that very common stand-alone names sought as domain names (John, Mary, Smith, Jones, etc.)and the "100 Chinese Family Names" may be expected to be available at higher prices than than less common names.

Who's Who Registry has also reserved domain names relating to municipalities, industries, and occupations, as well as generic team names, and select nouns and verbs. Such reserve names are targeted at registrants seeking to develop social media titles and/or communities within a particular sphere of interest, and to attract premium registration rates in such cases.

Below, on this page, each of the following terms is hypertext linked to the specific Registry Policy it describes. Alternatively, all policies may be found on the page that drops down when the Registry Policies selection is chosen from the dropdown reached from the Registrars tab on the top menu bar.

.WhosWho Privacy Policy

.WhosWho Terms of Acceptable Use

.WhosWho Acceptable Use Overview

.WhosWho Prohibited Actions

Who's Who Registry is supporting IDNs only the second (domain) level in addition to English/ASCII including the Chinese (both traditional and simplified characters), French, German, Japanese Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian languages.

A partial list of the domains that were registered during the Sunrise period is LOCATED HERE at the middle of the page reached from the "About" tab on the top menu bar.